RhinoCo, Inc. is committed to helping everyone achieve a healthier lifestyle. Together, we’ve created a vision to make fitness far more accessible by using connected technology to deliver essential tools, supplements, and training programs to people across the world.

Our Beginnings

In 2007, we opened a gym in South Florida. IMT CrossFit’s goal was to expose gymgoers to functional fitness training, which subsequently exploded in popularity. In 2010, we partnered with Reebok to open the first Reebok CrossFit gym in the world and helped establish formal guidelines for operating CrossFit facilities.

In 2012, Reebok and RhinoCo opened the first flagship retail store and gym concept on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which quickly became the highest-grossing retail store for Reebok and a world-renowned fitness center for RhinoCo. The Reebok and RhinoCo partnership expanded to additional centers around the U.S. and our overseas facility in Dubai.

Our Work

Today our core focus is binding fitness to technology as these industries continue to converge, and we intend to be major players in this field. Our aim is to ensure the highest quality and most meaningful fitness experience for the world to have at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need us. We want data and progression to drive the pursuit of a better body, mind, and spirit.

To achieve this goal, we are developing a platform called NEO U, a live streaming and on demand fitness app.  In March 2018, we opened the doors to our brand new state-of-the art fitness facility in New York City featuring the most talented and dynamic trainers and a wide-array concepts and classes to provide the most well-rounded boutique experience to our members. We use our NYC facility to live stream and record the classes for our online NEO U Live platform.

In 2018, we’ll launch our first wearable technology- NEO Coach. RhinoCo partnered with Samsung to develop this app – a virtual trainer and intelligent fitness program compatible with the Samsung Gear Fit 2.

In addition to advancements in technology, we also fully operate NF Sports, a line of all-natural sports supplements. In 2013, RhinoCo partnered with NutriForce Nutrition to create the first all-natural supplement line targeted toward functional fitness athletes. In 2016, we fully acquired the brand and NF Sports was born. We relaunched the brand line in November 2016 and it’s proven to be a major success.

We believe everyone should have access to a personal trainer and the means to live a healthier lifestyle. Through our at-home equipment kits, native app, live-streaming services, and all-natural sports supplement line, we can provide every facet of living a healthier lifestyle and building a better body.

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